The model for technology management at the Polymers Research Center is showed at the diagram below. Our innovation system implies an integrated approach that considers the perfect identification of customer needs to their satisfaction, producing value creation. Thus, our model for technology management incorporates systems and processes needed to fulfill customer satisfaction. Hence, we were granted with the Technology National Award in 2007. Innovation process in Comex and CIP is called Stage process for Innovation and Development, which structures the development of new products and processes in discrete phases, clearly identified and easy to evaluate, each stage from the process has an execution approach through multidisciplinary teams. Each stage is designed to gather the necessary information in order to continue with the following stage or stop the project development. Between every stage there is a “gate”, which structure is very similar and has the following features:

  • Definition of deliverables.
  • Projects evaluation criteria.
  • Definition of results, decision points and action plan to follow to the next stage or to definitely stop the process.


In some cases, projects are developed in collaboration with external entities, due to this strategic alliances have been arranged with both national and foreign organizations, in order to develop new technologies. The model includes several stages and functions, incorporated in the following processes:

-        Competitive intelligence. Process with the purpose of providing key information or early alerts, in order to sustain the decisión-making process both for strategic and operational decisions.

-       Planning. Process with the purpose of stablishing the guides that allow reaching our long and medium term goals.

-        Innovation and development, operational process. This process has the goal to establish projects of technology development, aligned with the strategic and technology planning.

-        Product and process development. This process provides the framework to assure the product development or improvement, fulfill or exceed customer expectations.

  1. Research and Development process. It is aimed to identify, design and/or evaluate new and existent technologies, as well as the schemes to incorporate them in development projects, upgrades and optimization of products and processes.

  2. Technical service. It is aimed to technical services for our customers.

-       Research and Development management. Definition, updates and implementation of management policies to support R&D processes, and to safeguard.


-       Technology Driver. Aimed to the evaluation, prioritization, filtering, planning, acceptance-rejection of projects.

-       Management, monitoring and evaluation of Project development (including schedule and costs). This subprocess deals with the assignation of people and resources for project development and workplans; also with the technical follow-up and feedback, and with the analysis of projects information.

-       Technology assets protection. This subprocess covers the management for intellectual capital and information flows.

-       Evaluation and continuous improvement. It is aimed to the identification of best practices as well as monitoring and follow-up on issues.

Our technology management model incorporates both criteria: “market pull” and “technology push”, aiming to target markets, and applying basic technologies; developing precompetitive technologies and capabilities through applied research; maintaining a market approach. This model has led to higher levels of competitiveness in some products and technological services our Research Center offers, thus allowing us to extend our technology offer.

The model is supported by the effective use of information technologies facilitating an adequate information flow according with our needs.

  Innovation Director
Leopoldo Vilchis Ramírez
Global Technology Assistant
Abraham Corona Gallegos