Ecological products

  • Development of new solvent-based resins for low VOC enamels.


  • Development and use of waterborne resins for the formulation of environmentally friendly enamels (architectural and semi-industrial VOC and APEO free products).

Control theory and applied mathematical modeling

  • Generation of control strategies for emulsion polymerization.


  • Innovation in automation platforms for polymerization reactors.


  • Development of a measurement system for online viscosity in alkyd processes.


  • Development of mathematical models for light scattering in heterogeneous media.

Development of resins and latex for paint products

  • Development of new high-performance emulsions environmentally friendly for use in different types of coatings (architectural, industrial, waterproofing, etc).


  • Development of emulsions with particles of controlled morphology.


  • Development of a new generation of texture-finished resins with excellent properties.


  • Replacement of traditional painting for pools with a new resin which confers resistance to chemical attack and alkali in the final coating.


  • Development of elastomeric resins.

Wood products

  • Development of different types of polyurethane resins for the wood market.


  • Development of polyester resins and modified alkyd enamel for use as direct gloss catalyzed background and wood products.


  • Development of different types of polymer additives for use in paints and coatings.


  • Study of the behavior of associative rheology modifiers in the presence of different components of paints (latex, pigments, dispersants, etc.).

Development of supporting technologies

  • Development of resins for plastic fillers used in the refinish automotive paint market.


  • Development of methods for performance evaluation of paint films.


  • Development of intelligent systems for painting formulation.


  • Load optimization technology for the formulation of architectural paints.