All knowledge generated at the CIP is considered as restricted access information. However, we find strategic that some of our results be shared with academic and industrial branches.

Publication Authors Publication media
Seminar: Collaboration networks in Industry: Case studies. Fernando Guillén Guzmán. Collaboration towards Innovation in Crisis Times. UNAM.
Seminar: Projects Planning and Technological Innovation. Fernando Guillén Guzmán. Scientific and Technological Research in Industry - CONACYT - CAMPECHE.
Seminar: Determination of the hydrodynamic ratio of PEG (Polyethylene glicol) with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance diffusion experiments. Alex Arias Martínez Nuria Esturau Escofet, Saúl Romero Manig, Manuel Briseño Terán. XXIII National Congress of Analytical Chemistry.
Seminar: Application of diffusion experiments with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for polymer analysis. Thania Susana Jimenez Martinez, Saul Romero Manig, Nuria Esturau Escofet, Manuel Briseño Terán. XXIII National Congress of Analytical Chemistry.
Seminar: Comparison of power consumption among high-efficiency and conventional impulse-generator. J. Ramírez-Muñoz. XXXI AMIDIQ National Meeting.
Seminar: London-Vander Waals energetic interaction among spherical particle pairs under a constant energy injection. J. Ramírez-Muñoz, A. Gama-Goicochea. XXXI AMIDIQ National Meeting.
Seminar: Electrostatic effects in confined polyelectrolyte solutions. F. Alarcón Oseguera, A. Gama Goicochea and E. Pérez. Polyelectrolytes and Polymers Workshop, IFUASLP.
Article: Simulation of Polyelectrolytes in Solution Using Dissipative Particle Dynamics in the Grand Canonical Ensemble: Interaction Strength and Salt Effects. Francisco Alarcón Oseguera, Elías Pérez, Armando Gama Goicochea. Mol. Phys.
Article: Hydrodynamic interaction on large-Reynolds-number aligned bubbles: Drag effects. J. Ramirez-Muñoz, E. Salinas-Rodríguez, A. Soria, A. Gama-Goicochea. Annals of Nuclear Energy.
Invited Talk: Long path solvation forces in fluids with short path interactions.  A. Gama Goicochea. Polyelectrolytes and Polymers Workshop, IFUASLP.
Article: Colloidal Stability Dependence on Polymer Adsorption through
Disjoining Pressure Isotherms .
A. Gama Goicochea, E. Nahmad-Achar, and E. Pérez.  Langmuir 2009, 25, 3529-3537.
Poster: Properties of Polyelectrolyte Solutions Using Electrostatic Dissipative Particle Dynamics In The Grand Canonical Ensemble. F. Alarcón Oseguera, A. Gama Goicochea and E. Pérez. IWENET09.
Seminar: Calorimetric Studies and Mesoscopic Simulations on the Interaction between Ionic/Non-Ionic Surfactants, and Hydrophobically Modified Alkali-Soluble Associative Polymer (HASE). Néstor Fabián López Mora*, Amparo Ortega Carrizo, and Armando Gama Goicochea. XXII XXII Science and technology meeting for Complex fluids.
Seminar: Confined polymer fluid modeling: some applications for coatings industry.  A. Gama Goicochea. Constituyentes Atomic Center, Buenos Aires Argentina.
Invited talk: Applications for Molecular modeling and simulation in coatings industry.  A. Gama Goicochea.  IFUASLP.
Poster: Designing Polymeric Dispersants with DPD through Disjoining Pressure Isotherms. A. Gama Goicochea, E. Nahmad-Achar and E. Pérez. CECAM.
Article: Novel tools for coating developers: a solution to the inverse problem in formulation. Javier E. Vitela, Eduardo Nahmad-Achar, Rene Nakamura, Armando Gama, Javier Rodríguez. J. Coat. Technol. Res., 4 (3) 231–240, 2007.
Article: Dependence of thermodynamic properties of model systems on some dissipative particle dynamics parameters. A. Gama Goicochea, M. Romero-Bastida and R. Lopez-Rendon. Molecular Physics, Vol. 105, Nos. 17–18, 10 September–20 September 2007, 2375–2381.
Article: Adsorption and Disjoining Pressure Isotherms of Confined Polymers Using Dissipative Particle Dynamics. A. Gama Goicochea. Langmuir 2007, 23, 11656-11663.
Invited talk: Pressure of disjoinning colodidal estabillity indicator.  A. Gama Goicochea. Physics Institute, UNAM.
Poster: Adsorption and Disjoining Pressure Isotherms of Confined Polymers using Dissipative Particle Dynamics. A. Gama Goicochea. Gordon Research Conference, Plymouth, NH.
Article: Computer simulations of surfactant monolayers at solid walls. Hector Dominguez, Armando Gama Goicochea, Noé Mendoza, José Alejandre. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 297 (2006) 370–373.
Article: Finite-size effects in dissipative particle dynamics simulations. María Eugenia Velázquez and Armando Gama-Goicochea, Minerva González-Melchor,  Maricela Neria and José Alejandre. The Journal Of Chemical Physics 124, 084104,2006.