The National Award of Technology 2007

The State of Mexico Award of Science and Technology 2009

The CIP establishes collaboration with UNAM Morelos on Nanocomposites subject.

UNAM Morelos and the Centro de Investigación en Polímeros launched a collaborative project to develop new materials using nanotechnology. Thanks to this collaboration agreement, the research undertook an exploratory stage which ended in December last year.

"Currently, paints, varnishes and sealants are non-toxic, they tend to be water-based and lack of basic elements such as lead. But we look for these materials to be more respectful to environment and have advantages for the end consumer", said PhD. Angel Romo Uribe, responsible technician manager of the Institute of Physical Sciences at UNAM Morelos.

PhD. Romo Uribe found that in Mexico, a country favored by oil, should advance in Nanopolymers studies that may provide added value to finished products.

"In Mexico only some of the crude oil is refined. Much of the oil is exported and the revenues are used for buying finished products from fuels and solvents to polymers. But if after the extraction and refining we work on a second stage, we could develop value-added products from polymers, in our own industry. So it is very positive that national companies as Comex, that have research centers, and are linked to the work we do at UNAM, for only with multidisciplinary and collaboration between universities and companies is how we can develop our own technologies", he concluded.