Aware of the importance of human capital quality, and in order to maintain the excellence of a research center, the CIP has a human resources policy that promotes and values the professional development of researchers. Its main objective is to attract the best Mexican and worldwide scientists to maintain the technological leadership of Comex Consortium, to integrate and build dynamic and innovative work teams, to increase individual and collective skills, as well as maintain the high motivation of its staff.

The values promoted in the CIP are:

  • The continuous improvement, which allows steady growth of our researchers.
  • Innovation, in order to maintain its leading position in the coatings sector.
  • The strictness that encourages commitment from each researcher to his/her personal results and his/her team.
  • Integration, resulting from sharing collaborative work experiences.
  • The synergy of skills from all our collaborators.

Based on its robust infrastructure and academic excellence, the CIP offers those who wish to develop and participate in the technological challenges of today, the best platform to discover and develop their talents.