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> Download road map via Indios Verdes-Airport (.pdf)


> Download road map via Lopez Portillo (.pdf)

barBy Metro:

Indios Verdes Station. Exit through Lanes A-J and when in Lane J, get in the Coach with the advertise "Pirámides Teotihuacán Tepexpan."

Recommendation: Anticipate descending from bus at the Comex Stop with the driver.

barBy Car:

1) Highway Mexico-Pyramids: Take Insurgentes Norte, go through Indios Verdes, consider the Pachuca Highway deviation (left) - Pyramid Highway (right).

Then follow directions from <- map -> provided.


2) Central Avenue: Take Circuito Interior to the north, see the turnoff to Oceania street, continue on this path until it turns into Central Avenue.

Then follow directions from <- map -> provided.

barThen follow directions sketch