Create value for Comex Group through the development and optimization of competitive product and process technologies, representing innovative and high impact solutions in order to satisfy needs and expectations from Comex customers.


Be the Research and Technology Center with the highest productivity to increase the Comex Group global growth, generating competitive and innovative solutions, these having a firm commitment to the environment.

Our Values

° Integrity:

We believe in accountability and transparency. We hold ourselves accountable for our decisions and actions with all its consequences and we maintain total respect for the dignity of people. We also recognize that honesty and ethical behavior is the source of the true business success.

° Service:

We demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of our customers, either internal or external; we live the service value through a positive and permanent commitment and warmth. For us, it´s a priority to generate solutions that meet customers needs in a timely manner.

° Innovation:

It is usually possible to find new and better ways of doing things. We value creativity at work, versatility and adaptability.

° Intelligence:

We are a learning organization that generates and shares knowledge; we analyze, question, answer, solve, and seek to turn each day into a learning opportunity.

° Passion:

We seek to work with intensity, enthusiasm, energy and good humor. We build a stimulating work environment whose joy is contagious.

° Profitability:

We know that obtaining economic results is the way to respond to the trust placed in us. We guide our actions and decisions to profits generation and growth of our business.

° Community:

We spread the friendly, simple and familiar treatment to the members of our organization, we want to encourage a sense of belonging and pride. We believe in the best values of Mexican society and we wish to reflect them globally.

° Social Commitment:

We want to establish a sustainable and positive relationship with the communities in which we operate. We recognize that society is the foundation that enables business activities and we are determined to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with our society.

° Environment:

We live the responsibility to create a corporate culture of conscience and commitment to the environment, so we work in creating a participatory society, with a clear conviction to act for the ecological balance and to turn this action into a lifestyle.