The Centro de Investigación en Polímeros (CIP) which stands for Polymers Research Center was established on January 22th, 1992 to develop the innovation of products and processes for Comex Group, with the responsibility to develop competitive advantages in terms of new paints and coatings facing the North-American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Thus, the Center focused mainly on the area of polymers useful for the paints, coatings and adhesives industries.

Its vision is to be the Research and Technology Center with the highest productivity to increase the Comex Group global growth, generating competitive and innovative solutions, these having a firm commitment to the environment.

The CIP was originally focused on the study, understanding and development of polymers, fundamental part of paints and coatings. Nowadays the CIP has diversified its activities to study in depth the areas of knowledge and technology implied on the interaction between different components of coatings and application properties, facing the needs of our clients and showing over the years a continuous improvement in our innovation processes and results.

edificios cip

Since the beginning of its operations, the CIP has contributed to tangible results, reflected in a considerable number of technologies transferred to production facilities for Comex Consortium, whose value has impacted on increased productivity, largely due to the development and optimization of the manufacturing of semi-processed and finished products and a substantial increase in sales related with new product development and significant improvements to existing ones.

Currently, the CIP provides technology to Comex Consortium productive units, including domestic plants: Plant Comex Tepexpan, Amercoat Mexicana, AGA, Universal Paints Factory, AP Resins and international plants located in the U.S. (Duckback Products, Frazee Paint , Kwal Paint, Stellar Kwal Paint, Parker Paint, Paint Color Wheel) and Canada (General Paint, Ideal Paint).

CIP facilities are located in Tepexpan, State of Mexico, occupying an area of 5.000 m2. Currently we have four buildings that hosts different labs, offices, meeting rooms and a library with a large collection of books, including access to technical databases and an information recovery service through "The British Library" as well as agreements with national libraries.

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The Center, has the infrastructure needed to support all research activities:

Polymer Synthesis and Basic Engineering.
Analytical Chemistry.
Paint Formulation.
Applied Physics.