The developments of synthetic resins are mainly focused on low-VOC solvent and waterborne resins for architectural applications with better performance properties. We also develop polymer additives for both waterborne systems as well as solvent systems.

The basic engineering area objective is: to develop and implement tools to operate chemical processes equipment, maximizing capacity and quality of production and reducing manufacturing costs.


Research Interests


  • Vinyl-acrylic emulsions.
  • Vinyl-Versatic emulsions.
  • Styrene-acrylic emulsions.
  • Acrylic emulsions.
  • Alkyd resins.
  • Coatings additives.
  • Polyurethanes.
  • Among other areas.


Main areas in Basic Engineering are:

  • Development and implementation of monitoring and automation schemes for laboratory reactors, pilot plants and industrial reactors.

  • Implementation of online measurement tools and advanced control techniques to monitor the primary variables of polymerization processes and semi-batch reactors.

  • Study of design problems of processing paths, and the design of control schemes at different levels, such as feedback control and feedback-feedforward control.

  • Development of kinetic models and simulation systems for polymerization and polymers characteristics. Development of dynamic models for implementing estimation and control schemes.

  • Mixing and dispersion systems study for industrial process optimization.